Jason Marc Charrier


Very bad service!!! I was badly advised by him, introduced me to an error by what I have big problems.

He is a very stalled case. A very large ignorance of the law and its fundamental issues. I do not recommend!!! Who gave him a license?

Not sure how he passed his exam to get licensed. Very unprofessional and lacks ability to provide resolution in an amicable manner.

I am so sorry those people who met, meet or going to meet him.

His unprofessional and discrimination ridiculous. He also worked for fake lawyer, saying that he didn't know about him noting.



I actually found him to be the other way. He was very helpful.

He found him not to be discrimating in the least. He explained everything to me in an easy to follow matter and I got what I needed from court.

Thanks for the helpfull information! :eek :upset :zzz

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